Gaming applications

Permits, guides and information for gaming activities in Western Australia.

The department has forms and application kits relevant to gaming.

A permit may be issued to an organisation on the proviso that the purpose of raising funds is not for private gain or commercial undertaking.

Gaming permit applications

You can apply for the following gaming applications through the online portal:

  • Standard Lottery Permit
  • Standard Lottery Financial Returns
  • Calcutta Permit
  • Calcutta Financial Return
  • Gaming Function Permit
  • Gaming Function Financial Returns

Apply for a licence through the online portal

Gaming permit application forms

Gaming permit forms to download, complete and submit.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges are subject to change on 1 January each year.

Fees and charges

Financial returns

GST rebate

The department administers a rebate scheme, which is available to WA-based racing and gambling operations claiming GST payable on gross gambling margin.

GST rebate

Page reviewed 13 June 2019