As part of the McGowan Government’s reform agenda, a new Local Government Act will be drafted.

Our vision is for the local government sector to be agile, smart and inclusive.

Our objective is to transform local government so that it is empowered to better deliver quality governance and services to their communities now and into the future.

We are looking at elections as an area of reform.

The current system

  • Held every two years.
  • Around 30% turnout.
  • Conducted via post or in person.
  • First past the post system of voting (person with most votes win).

What you’ve told us

  • Less than a third of electors vote in their local government elections.
  • Councils need to better represent the diversity of the community.
  • Public confidence in local government could be increased through greater participation.
  • There is low public awareness of candidate profiles and positions.
  • Community concern around the conduct of candidates and politicisation during election campaigns and acceptance of election gifts.

Ideas for change

  • Electronic voting.
  • Reduce frequency to four years to align with other states.
  • Review voter eligibility.
  • Introduce preferential voting (the person that is most preferred wins – requires numbering candidates by preference when voting).
  • Set a campaign advertising limit.
  • Publish candidate profiles on the local government website.

What do you think?

This is just a snapshot of the reforms being considered on this topic.

We want to hear your ideas.

You can learn more or have your say.​

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Page reviewed 03 May 2019