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Chair Leadership

246 Vincent Street

This two-week course will explore issues that the chairperson/president of a sport and recreation organisation needs to consider.

Tuesdays 15 October and 22 October 2019 6 pm to 9 pm.

Additionally, it is widely recognised that the relationship between the chair and the CEO/executive officer is vital for effective governance and this course will also incorporate a module inviting the CEO/executive officer to attend.

This provides the opportunity for an interactive dialogue to explore the ways in which the relationship between the chair and CEO can optimise governance performance.

Course content will cover:

  • chairperson’s role as a leader inside and outside the organisation
  • characteristics of an effective chairperson
  • the chair’s role in board selection, board dynamics and succession planning
  • responsibilities in and between board meetings
  • the importance of developing a constructive working relationship between the chair and CEO/Executive Officer
  • managing a crisis calmly, confidently and appropriately.
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